Neuss, Germany

Kaduna, Nigeria

Saarbruecken, Germany


Edinburgh, Scotland

My life journey started in a town called Neuss, where my German roots were established. My twin and I were born and raised by our wonderful mother. As a single parent, she brought up two wonderful girls, who have blossomed into two amazing women. My sister has been my support system and a source of inspiration and motivation from day one. We relocated to Nigeria while my twin and I were todlers. If you would like to know who my sister is, find out here.

I grew up in Kaduna, also known as the "crocodile city". At an early age, my passion for music was nurtured with me being a member of the children's choir at church and the music club at school. I can now look back to amazing memories made in my home country, Nigeria. I cherish not only the great diversity of cultures and fantastic food I enjoyed there but also the solid foundation of my faith in God. The upbringing I had as a young girl in Nigeria, shaped me into the woman I have become. Through humble beginnings in Nigeria, God showed His faithfulness in my life. As a teenager, I relocated to Germany for my University education.

Although I left Germany as a todler, I returned as a teenager to study Architecture in the city of Saarbruecken. Several years later, I was blessed with a daughter and my delightful journey of motherhood began. Embarking my career transition to Fire Safety Engineering was birthed in Germany. I also had the prividlege of making amazing friends who are now family. Unfortunately, I experienced one of the darkest and toughest phases of my life while in Germany. Again, God showed his faithfulness and goodness to me. Throughout my time in Germany, my passion for music was kept alive as I sang at church and events. After spending almost half of my life in Germany, I decided to relocate to Scotland.

Since relocating to Scotland, I have seen God's faithfulness and goodness in my life continually through thick and thin, with all of the new challenges I faced. My focus has been placed on finding my purpose and taking intentional steps towards fulfilling this God given purpose. I became a songwriter and proud aunt while in Scotland. I am enjoying the lovely scenery,  warm people and new freinds in Scotland. With a grateful heart I look forward to all that will be unfolding in my life. So far, I can say that I am here today because of God's goodness and faithfulness.